Fees for a) translation, and b) oral interpreting

My fees are slightly higher than most of the local interpreters here. Although my fees are a bit higher, the benefits will pay off in spades. Having a native speaker of your own language allows the fullest and most complete rendition of what your potential partners are saying/communicating. They have a different culture here; and that's putting it mildly. As a side note, if you are interested I can introduce you to some of what I have learned regarding the growth of Christianity here in China. The number of Chinese who read the Bible, according to most statistics, is increasing at astounding rates.

I have two sets of fees for different tasks. The first fee-scheme (and no, I'm not worried about my choice of words there!) relates to written documents and documentation: 285 Chinese Yuan per 1000 Chinese characters; or roughly one (1) page in a book. That comes to about $45.00 US for a page of text in either Chinese or English (if it's going from English into Chinese I use a native-Chinese who has reasonable rates, i.e. the more subtle aspects of word-choice which is vitally important to sounding professional in any language.) As I've stated elsewhere on this site, when doing written translation into language X, you need to use a native-speaker of language X if you want your translation to come off just perfect. (If you're a translation agency, I can tell you I don't really approve of the use of native speakers merely for copy-checking purposes.)

The second type of fees are those for interpreter services: I charge 900 Chinese Yuan per day, which comes to roughly one-hundred and fifty US dollars ($150.00) per day. If you only need me for a half-day the fee is a flat 500 renminbi; not the 900 for a full-day.

Please contact me regarding how to make payment and/or pay a deposit for my services.

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