As your interpreter, I'm on YOUR side

On occassion I've been an interpreter and translator in the context of a business dispute. In these sensitive times it's vital for you to know that your interpreter is absoutely and unequivocally on YOUR side and not the other's. While it's great when things work out for the best, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can make light of a conflict of interest which neither (or at least you) did not anticipate. In a Christian world, ideally, business transactions are win-win propositions which are undertaken and performed in good faith. When a genuine and serious conflict of interest arises, both sides discuss it rationally to reach a fair result for both sides given their reasonable expectations going in.

In addition to translation and interpretation in China, I can tell you about the development of Church institutions in China. I can also offer advice on how best to resolve (or make the best of) a dispute you have with a Chinese partner/customer/supplier. Although that's technically "consulting", I don't charge extra for this and happily give it for free to the extent I'm able. And if I don't know the answer I'll tell you so.
© All Rights Reserved, 2016; I can serve as your Chinese interpreter/translator in the following cities and provinces in China: Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangdong province, Dongguan, Huizhou, Macau, & Foshan.